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Jeff Vellines takes a break from S.O.S.

Jeff Vellines Survival of the sickest

Singer, Jeff Vellines will be taking a break from fronting Survival of the Sickest for a while to take care of some personal situations. S.O.S. supports Jeff’s decision to take time off and will keep on marching forward throughout 2015. We are pleased to announce that singer, David Costello will be filling the spot so the band can keep growing.

Jeff says:

“I, Jeff, am taking a break from S.O.S. The last few months have been filled with tons of personal stress and I need a little while to get things back in order. I’ll be back soon. This is my promise to the band and our fan base. I love music way too much and what we do has done nothing but fill me with joy that only one other thing has been able to provide. David Costello of bridge to divide will be replacing me in my absence...

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North meets South with S.O.S. and ERA 9

ERA 9 swings down from Canada to perform with survival of the Sickest, From Nothing, Lusid, Faceplant, and Intandum at the Circuit in Essex Maryland For an all ages event!

ERA 9 with Survival of the Sickest
Check out the Show on Facebook HERE for more information.

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Welcome to sosthrowdown.com

survival of the sickest

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S.O.S. is in the studio…

survival of the sickest

Survival of the Sickest has taken a bit of a break as we begin work on recording an album. The material for the full length release has already been written and is now in the final stages of fine tuning as the band prepares to enter the studio to start recording. An album title and release date have yet to be decided, but it is set to be released in the Summer of 2015. We are extremely pleased with the material so far, and we are sure that fans will enjoy the new sound we have created while keeping the original S.O.S. roots.

Jayslow~Survival of the Sickest

Check out more album updates on the Survival of the Sickest Facebook page.

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