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Survival of the Sickest on Brute Force volume 2 sampler

Check out Survival of the Sickest, along with many other talented Maryland artists on the Brute Force Maryland sampler, Volume 2.

This is a free sampler of some of the talent that Maryland bands have to offer brought to you by Brute Force.

Brute Force volume 2

Click on the image above, or click “HERE” to listen to, or download the sampler for free.


You can also check out more of Brute Force at https://bruteforce410.bandcamp.com/

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North meets South with S.O.S. and ERA 9

ERA 9 swings down from Canada to perform with survival of the Sickest, From Nothing, Lusid, Faceplant, and Intandum at the Circuit in Essex Maryland For an all ages event!

ERA 9 with Survival of the Sickest
Check out the Show on Facebook HERE for more information.

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